About Us

The Funziez Story and The Humans Behind Them

“We provide humans an enjoyable, cozy journey into a new world of standing out, instead of blending in.”


What started as a line of fun animal slippers & pajamas in 2015, has turned into a movement… Many might know us under our former name “Silver Lilly” on Amazon. With over 1 million satisfied customers and tens of thousands of 5 Star reviews we quickly became the largest and most raved about brand of fun wearables onesies & slippers on Amazon. It’s under that foundation we decided to rebrand and make significant investments into bringing you the Funziez Brand to life!

The Funziez founding team which has a rich history in ecommerce and product innovation believes all humans need a little fun and playfulness in their lives! Our assortment of fun wearables onesies is unmatched and each season will continue to increase this variety as our customers demand more options.

Benefits of Funziez

  • Be Warmth: It’s not uncommon to see a Funziez going down the Ski slope as Funziez compliment almost any outfit and provide a layer of warmth.
  • Stay Comfortable: Fall asleep on the couch or run a marathon in the thing, both can be done easily.
  • Be the Life of the Party: Make a statement and then give piggyback rides.
  • Standing Out: A grand entrance is what many have called it when you lite up a room in your Funziez
  • Their Super Functional: Our original baggy fit Funziez are designed to wear over regular clothing for extreme versatile
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